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So the team over at Deviantart visited us here at Titmouse to see us working on our '5 second day' short films.  I'll post my short tonight after we screen them at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.  Here's the article:

Titmouse's 5 Second Film Night

Moving Pictures: Titmouse’s 5 Second Night Will Showcase the Studio’s Unbridled Creativity
:iconeawood: eawood
:iconamandaturnage: AmandaTurnage
Birdie’s Birds
On February 13th, Lars Ingelman brought an overnight bag into work with him.
On a typical day at Titmouse–the animation studio behind shows like The Venture Bros; China, IL; and Metalocalypse–Lars does character layouts for an upcoming television show called Moonbea

It was cool to finally meet the team.  If you are in LA, you can get tickets here:  

It's kinda cool to find out who else I work with are on DA too.  Didn't know they like to post their awesome work on here.  For sure watch them all, you wont be disappointed!

Rock on!
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and images!  You all are the BEST!

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So I posted a teaser clip already in my gallery.  Here is the info for the event that I cut n' pasted here from Cartoon Brew:

5 Second Day is an annual tradition that gives Titmouse animators on both coasts the chance to bring to life whatever strange, beautiful, disturbing and funny ideas they've had all year as a short format cartoon. For the first time ever, the studio will be opening up the screening of these masterpieces to friends, neighbors and fans.

The screening is on Friday February 15th in Hollywood, at the Egyptian Theatre, 7:30pm. The program will also include a screening of the unaired Motorcity pilot and a selection of rarities from the studio's vaults with a discussion following with Titmouse founder Chris Prynoski.

Tickets are available through the Egyptian Theater.
So yah.  It's official.

They'll run the rest of the episodes, but wont pick up another season.

I'm definitely sad today hearing the news.  Chris P. and the other producers knew for about a week, so they've had time to mourn.  I'm just starting to be sad.

That being said, as an animator, Motorcity was one of those once in a life time shows that come along very rarely.  I'm glad and honored to have had an opportunity to contribute to such a quality cartoon.  Motorcity was the type of show I imagined I would work on when I was a young teenager watching Robotech and realizing that animation would be my career path.  I don't want to forget to mention the mad talented team I worked with!  From the prop/character designers, to the storyboard artists, to the animators and finally the compers.  We all really did pour our heart an soul into this show, because we believed it would inspired the next generation of creative kids out there.

Here's a way you can add your voice to the many who love Motorcity.

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First, lemme extend my well wishes to my brothers and sisters out on the East Coast.  I've been through hurricanes back when I grew up in Boston, but from what we all hear, this isn't your typical late season hurricane!  (You guys may not even have power right now to read this well wish)  But yeah, stay safe guys!!!

So there is actually some Xixa news on the horizon.  I don't want to give details yet, but it's exciting for me and I wont say any more than that.

Next week my sister is having a gallery show of art created by animators called Too Art of TV 6  The opening is November 9th and I have 3 painting in her show.  The concept is called 'Flash Frames'.  Since I did all those FX for Motorcity this year, I got inspired by the flash frames that I animated just before an explosion.  When you look at them, they are stand alone art.  So I painted 3 canvas from flash frames I did in the show.

Halo 4 November 2!  (Don't forget to vote!)

Just a reminder:  I haz Tumblrz:
Ask Xixa

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So here are the links for episode 2 and 3 that I animated.

Oishi Highschool Battle: Origins Part 2
Oishi Highschool Battle: Origins Part 3

So go check it out!

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So you guys wanna know why I haven't been a round posting new work and stuff?  Well, I was hired to animate for a show called Oishi Highschool Battle thats on a youtube channel called  "Shutup Cartoons".  They already aired a first season and they got me to do some prequel stuff that's in three parts.  You can see part one here.  Oishi Highschool Battle: Origins  There will be a new episode for the next two Fridays.

So go check it out!

Rock On.

So the studio I current work for, Titmouse, who created a lot of your favorite shows like Metalocolyps and Motorcity, has set up a group page!  :icontitmouse:

Motorcity has moved to Thursdays, 8:30pm eastern on Disney XD.  So plan accordingly.

Tumblr's you wanna follow:
People of Motorcity Staff run tumblr.
F-Yeah Motorcity Fanblog!  Great reblogs and posts of the show with an awesome and friendly chatroom.
OC People of Motorcity You have a strong creative streak and wanna create and share your own Burner or Motorcitizen?  Check this tumblr out.  Artists have come up with some fresh styles!


Ask Tumblrs:
Ask Foxy
Ask Mike
Ask Dutch (And Roth)

Shameless Plug:
My Tumblr Blog
Ask Xixa Blog (Xixa of Xylem)
So I've been seeing all the crazy cool and talented artist having an ask-their-OC-tumblr account, so I wanted to get in on that fun lil action.  So head on over to Xixa of Xylem onTumblr and ask her a question and I will try to draw a creative image to answer the question.  Just click on 'People of Earth:  How Are You?' to ask you question.

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Attack the Show came by the studio last month.  You wanna see the dark underbelly of Titmouse?

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Titmouse hosts Dr. Sketchy every first Tuesday.  I had the pleasure of drawing the talented and beautiful :iconmiss-mosh:.

Have any of you seen the first episode of Motorcity yet?  What did you think?

So I just found out, if you want to watch the first episode FREE before the premier on Disney XD, April 30th, just goto iTunes!  Just goto the iTunes store, search for Motorcity (all one word), then click on TV shows and it's the second link.  Title of the show is 'Battle for Motorcity'.

Download it and check it out!  It's gooooooood!

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Check it out!  Motorcity Promo for the show that I've been doing FX on since May!  It'll be coming out at the end of April and we're all every excited!

I hope it will be a hit, because we all really think this is a good show.

Rock on!

So late to the game as always, started a tumblr:

I populated with stuff a lot of you have seen, but I will be putting fresher stuff as the days go on.

Rock on!

So I can finally talk about and promote what I've been working on for the last 9 nine months.  It's also the reason I haven't been active very much no here lately and not posting much of my own works.

Titmouse's own show called Motorcity will be airing on Disney XD at the end of April.  It's a really cool action show, that we're all very passionate about and we believe it'll really excite kids about action cartoons again!  My role on the show is doing the special fx.  Specifically, I'm drawing on my vast knowledge of the anime FX from the late 80's and also drawing from the kinetic/dynamic fx you'd see in anime's such as FLCL.  

Sadly, I can't tell you details yet.  I can share this online/app game that is fun to play and promotes the show:  So Do What I Do!

Rock on!
So Hey,

George Krstic is gonna speak at animeconji in San Diego on Saturday.  As you all may know he co-created with Jody Schaeffer this little show on Cartoon Network called Megas XLR.  Anyway,  he was gracious enough to invite me to speak on the panel as well.  Since I helped out with designs on the show, he thought is would be cool if I were on the panel to answer any questions about the art and art style.  Also, we'll be handing out an original image that I illustrated of Megas XLR he will sign to hand out.

He will be giving his Q&A on Saturday the 17th from 3-4:20 pm in Pacific Salon 1.

So maybe I'll see y'all there.

Rock on!
Happy New Year!

So I'm working on a fun collaboration project with lovely and talented :iconilliara:  It's a set of images based on my Super Dimensional Battle Kittens (GO!). She poses in a dynamic way and I draw the power suit around her then she puts the finishing photoshop touches on the image. It's the best way to do cosplay as far as I'm concerned. Plus, she's really good at photoshop manipulation. There will be more to come.

So check out this first installment!

SDBK: Hope by illiara

By the way, if you haven't already seen her gallery, you should take the time to do so.   She's a talented model and cosplayer.  She's the same gal who did the amazing cosplay of Xixa three years ago.

Xixa Cosplay Raw 1 by Dadward
Xixa Cosplay Raw 2 by Dadward

The next Battle Kitten with be Charity.
So last year, I did storyboard over at Titmouse for an DL game Xbox and PS to name a few.  It's a FPS and it's based on the the Batman universe.  Instead of being badman, you get to dress up as batman and fight other players who dress up as the Joker.  Kinda cool actually, I saw some of the concept art and I from what I understand, you can customize how you will look.  Dunno if it's all unlockable stuff.  Here's the article along with the animated trailer I storyboarded for.… spelled 'impostors' wrong in the article.)

Look for a big show to be shown on Disney DX next year from Titmouse as well.  It's called Motorcity and it's all about a future Detroit covered over by a shiny new city called Detroit Deluxe.  Clean and controlled is the surface, wild and fun is bellow.  The heros drive bad-ass future muscle cars.  My role on the show is to animate almost all of the effects like lasers, smoke, explosion, "whatever".  The style I'm using is that very kinetic style known as 'Kanada'.  We're all familiar with those energetic animation from things like FLCL or Gurren Lagann.  I have no links to share on that subject.  But I'll keep you all updated on any trailers that may pop up and/or the actual air dates.  I will say that this show is something new and there is nothing like it on TV currently.  We're using a hybrid of Flash and Aftereffects to really make this show 'pop'.  Everyone working on this show are really motivated and even though we are currently working on episode 4, we still have tones of energy and passion!

I can't wait for you guys to see it!

Just a reminder that I have a group for Xixa over at :iconxixaofxylem:.  Pop by and join.  The mission state of the place, if there is any, is a place to post fanart and fanfics of Xixa.  But more than that, I don't want it to be a 'top-down' place where I set the rules and everyone follows along in lock step.  Granted I will make attempts to have contests or drawing jams, but I also want it to be a place for 'memebers' to also start their own contests of blogs with out me being directly involved, this it YOUR place for Xixa.

Happy 4th.

Rock On,
So if you got a weird email from me, don't click on it.  I feel so silly that it happened.  I haven't got a clue how it could possibly happened.  I'm pretty smart about phishing and clicking my spam filter, so I'm not sure how I got a 'thing' that hijacked my email and sent out a wonky link.